23rd March – Pakistan Day Celebration

23rd March - Pakistan Resolution Day 2022

Pakistan Day is celebrated across the country with great zeal and fervor to mark the beginning of a journey of resolve, which lead to the creation of an independent sovereign state for the Muslims of the British Indian Empire. 

We same enthusiasm, Pakistan Day was celebrated at all offices of iTecknologi Group of Companies across the country to honor the valiant struggle of our forefathers in achieving Pakistan. The day provides us an opportunity to renew our commitment to making our country a progressive and prosperous state.

While commemorating this day, Group CEO Syed Salman Hussain added, “I am continually impressed by the commitment and dedication displayed by our people and the exceptional value they bring to the company. Our journey together over the years has only enhanced my appreciation for each and every one of our team members. Our commitment to provide exceptional services with highest dedication and responsibility, continue to translate into tremendous success every day. We renew our commitment to be a company that makes a meaningful impact on the community in which we work and live. I truly believe the best of iTecknologi Group of Companies is yet to come”