Tracking & Security

Innovating The Future Of Security

Over the years, the needs have evolved, be it individuals or businesses. At iTecknologi Group of Companies, we made it a point to increase our solutions portfolio which should give the right value in the marketplace. We are world-leaders in digital security, protecting valuable connected assets, and ensuring the most critical data is kept secret.

At iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security, we offer highly convenient and scalable tracking and security solutions that maximize the value today, and in the future. We aim to be the revolutionary game-changer and offer live tracking of your equipment through our central command center and integrated mobile application to reduce risk and improve efficiency. You can track your assets efficiently with our asset management solutions while reducing cost.


Through our ultra-modern iTeck app, our customers get pertinent information about their vehicles, from vehicle diagnostics to vehicle reports.

Advanced Surveillance Solution

Complete monitoring and reporting with live surveillance is the most comprehensive offering for all your efficient and convenient operational needs.

Increased Efficiency

Our solutions help businesses and individuals harness the power of the latest satellite-based technologies and methodologies and achieve their goals.

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