Data On Things

Tracing Paths To Smart Authentication

Information technologies have resulted in the development of one of the world’s largest industries. With the rapid growth in the adoption of technology, industries had no choice but to evolve and pick up their pace when it comes to looking out for the latest trends in technology. Like many other organizations, iTecknologi Group of Companies is aiming to build its ecosystem around the technology. The quick adoption of top-notch technology has proven to be a golden bullet for our organization.

We have invested our efforts in the DoT technology that is beyond the IoT under the helm of Coder. Coder provides the customers with invisible and inaudible digital encoding through various coding techniques including image coding, text coding, sound coding, and digital coding.

We consider ourselves as a technologically developed organization specialized in data insertion on various objects and sources through D.O.T technology


Through Data on Things technology, an inaudible and invisible digital encoding is used to provide numerous advanced solutions to transform the global security and quality of life.


The coder is an emerging development company that uses data insertion technology on various objects such as Images and sounds protecting brands from counterfeit and scams.


We use inaudible and invisible technology such as smart image, smart sound, smart web, and smart security to offer diverse and unique solutions to all the marketing complications.

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