Easy Paisa – Easy Mode of Payments

Easy Mode of Payments for our Customers with

At iTecknologi Group of Companies, we are constantly striving to increase customer ease & convenience for delivering efficiency through our expertise and technological innovations. With 24/7 internet accessibility, smart technologies and mobile phones, payments of any purchase can be made easily from the comfort of their homes.


In collaboration with EasyPaisa, iTecknologi Group of Companies has launched digital payments solutions through which customers can pay for the availed services from anywhere in Pakistan via the Easypaisa app or through its wide network of 6,500 outlets across the country. We aim to offer businesses security and convenience through integrating digital payment options. Our goal is to increase ease of transaction, reduce time to process payments while providing the businesses better control over their receivables and saving time.


Through adapting these financial platforms for our clients, we intend to increase efficiency and reduce obstacles so that we can everyone can benefit from a thriving digital ecosystem. We hope to make Pakistan a digital and financially inclusive economy by inculcating a revolutionary mode of transactions for all Pakistanis through such collaborations.