iLead Summer Internship Program 2022

Internships offer a wide range of advantages for those aiming to gain real-world exposure in their respective field of interest. It not only helps students in developing professionalism but also enhances self-growth while developing various characteristics like integrity, commitment, and self-motivation.
At iTecknologi Group of Companies, we offered our interns a wealth of benefits in an 8-week extensive program. From strengthening one’s resume to improving one’s skills and competencies, we aimed to enhance their skills and knowledge as they gained experience in their chosen careers.

Our teams developed a comprehensive program where interns were deployed in different departments and given hands-on experience and knowledge that encouraged professional and personal growth for our interns since the development and growth of talent is the core tenet of our organization. With a great culture and a relaxed work environment, the company prides itself on giving the interns a full-package experience that ranges from networking events to leadership opportunities.

The iLead Summer Internship Program helped students to grow and evolve, with the aim to build a bridge that can ease the transition from curricular learning to the professional world. The program focused on cultivating future leaders of our community.