iTeck Revolution by iTecknologi Group – A Robust Platform for Emerging IT Talent in Pakistan. 

iTeck Revolution by iTecknologi Group - A Robust Platform for Emerging IT Talent in Pakistan.

iTecknologi Group teamed up with UIT University & organized an entrepreneurial competition “iTECH REVOLUTION” on 11th Jun 2022 to support students with a technology invention, take their business idea to the next level through venture coaching, team formation, feedback and cash prizes for winning teams. 

The competition comprised of three different stages, idea submission, selection and final presentation. With more than 60 innovative and unique business ideas, the best ideas were selected after careful analysis and evaluation. The finalists pitched their ideas on the event date which were evaluated by honorable jury that comprised of industry experts and educationists.

The idea behind this event was to bring together the students and industry leaders to a common platform to incorporate and stage innovations & technologies, share knowledge and further collaborate with each other to uplift the economic development of the country through innovative products and solutions that have the potential of being crystallized into commercial ventures.

The competition was focused on generating and supporting entrepreneurial and commercially viable solutions that can be transformed into successful start-ups and companies. Through such collaborations, we aim to provide students an opportunity to unearth their entrepreneurial abilities by generating relevant and viable business solutions through their scientific research endeavors.

We appreciate the participating teams for coming up with innovative and unique ideas and wish them luck in their future endeavors. We are highly grateful for the cooperation from UIT University, whose timely support notably contributed to the success of this event.