Software Development

Carving Efficiency For A Better Tomorrow

One of the most important items of global capital is undoubtedly technology. The software industry, which is one of the leading sectors of the new economic system focused on technology and knowledge, is of great importance in the development of countries. In an environment where competition is ruthless and competitively cutting, iTecknologi Group of Companies aims to become a model for all enterprises, locally and globally, at large.

We at Avolox go beyond the borders of the organization, creating a sustainable impact on the lives of our customers. We specialize in Business automation and Software solutions to help businesses grow their market dynamics by delivering them fully customized and tailored services.


We specialize in Interactive and optimized user-friendly smart phone applications, interactive web portals, automation in business process, digital consultancy, and 24/7 customer support for diverse businesses


We aim to be the most reliable, viable, and adaptable organization which can help businesses locally and globally to grow and keep up with the on-going trends with cutting-edge technology.


We are specialized in delivering customized and innovative application solutions keeping in mind the entire life cycle of application development to increase efficacy and efficiency of businesses.

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