System Awareness & Data Backup Training

System Awareness & Data Backup - Training Session

From deliberate theft, hacking and sabotage, to unintended technical malfunctions such as file corruption and hardware failure, threats to a company’s data continue to grow every day. The only way forward is through the smart implementation of the best strategies to protect confidential data, processes, systems and people. For this reason, backups and security awareness training are equally important for successfully warding off cyberattacks that can result in downtime, data loss and more.

This Week’s training session was conducted by iTecknologi’s IT department on “System Awareness & Data Backup” to educate and empower employees to take personal responsibility for protecting the organization’s information, spread awareness about data loss risks and to enforce the policies and procedures the organization has in place for data safety and protection.

The session aimed at providing some simple and easy techniques such as installing anti-virus software and enabling its automatic updating, turning on firewall, avoid clicking anonyms links in emails, changing passwords regularly and using passwords with a combination of both letters and numbers to reduce the chances of getting hacked. Similarly, surfing the internet on suspicious websites should be avoided as some of the websites are developed with the sole purpose of spreading malware.